Top 10 highest-grossing Movies in the 21st Century


In the jolly world of Film-making, movies generate income from various channels such as merchandising, television broadcast, theatre viewings, and much more. However, when judging the success of a movie, the biggest statistic taken into consideration is the box office earnings in theatres from the date of its official release.

This is done because of the ease involved in calculating sales figures from theatres compared to sales of home videos and broadcast rights, also because this practice has been in use for quite a while in the movie-making world. A great deal of movies from Hollywood, the American movie industry has out-sold any movie out of any other country, unsurprisingly because they have the best movie industry available.

On the list below, movies are ranked in accordance with revenues from theatre viewings at initial basic ticket prices, added to that, highest positions attained. Movies from before the 21st Century are not considered due to factors such as ticket-price inflation and population size (which if considered can make this list a whole lot different).

Top 10 highest grossing films in the 21st century

The Avatar and Titanic coming in at numbers 1 and 2 were both directed by James Cameron, the popular director of the Terminator movies.

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