Tom Ikimi rejects Obaseki's victory

Tom Ikimi rejects Obaseki’s victory


A former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chief Tom Ikimi, has rejected the victory of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the Edo State governorship election, saying that the outcome of the elections was fraudulent.

Speaking with The Punch on Thursday, September 29, Ikimi claimed the result was manipulated and the APC did not deserve to win.

He said, “All I can say is that I dispute the election completely. I take the view expressed by our candidate that the outcome of the election as announced by INEC is completely at variance with what happened on the ground.

“So we dispute it completely and we will seek redress through constitutional means.”

Asked if he was surprised at the conduct of the election, he said, “I’m not totally surprised at the process of the election.

“But I take the view that INEC and all those who were responsible for the conduct of the election will abide by the attitude that is being openly expressed by President Muhammad Buhari that they should not interfere in the electoral processes.

“The president is one person who has gone through this process in the past. And he knows very well that everyone should have a free and fair election. That is why we feel this shouldn’t have been like that.

“Like I said before I abide by the position that my party has taken on the election. It is at variance with the anti-corruption stance of the Federal Government.”

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One thought on “Tom Ikimi rejects Obaseki’s victory

  1. segun goldsmith

    Tom Ikimi so sorry my brother. Please accept my condolences upon the loss by your PDP candidate in Edo governorship election. Am sure it must be very painful to you in particular since the conduct of the election was adjudged very free and fair. Again, it must be very devastating to all of you having positioned your selves in preparation to corner and share the resources of Edo people, through an array of dubious strategies to capture Edo by all means possible using well known PDP crooked template. It is my humble suggestion that you and others remember that in all human expectations, enterprise and undertakens, you either succeed or you fail, and when you fail, you learn. Learn means you pick up your pieces and go home. Most importantly, Obaseki and APC have been very very magnanimous in victory as we have heard many saying they ought to challenge the claimed winning by PDP of 5 local government. Indeed, APC ought to have won all the 18 local governments.

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