Thoughts of the Day

Thoughts of the Day


One important life lesson to live by is the fact that each day is a new day. Ergo, there is no reason to not feel motivated to achieve your dreams. Stay positive with these few thoughts….

“Success is perceptible … We can touch it, smell it and taste it.”

Mohammed Sekouty — Egypt


“You are what you say and think daily, if only you keep at it. Great men always have a starting point, from their heart via their lips to their lives.”

Bassey Ndon — Nigeria


“Stay positive always, even if you run out of reasons to be optimistic.”

Kiplimo Chemirmir — Kenyan Warrior


“No matter how challenging or demanding your challenges seem to you, you shouldn’t stop confronting them. Yes! You have to soldier on, persevere through all of them until you surmount them outright.”

Emeasoba George — Nigeria


“To reach your goals, you need to live for only three people: First, God. Second, Yourself. And finally, Nobody.”

Albert Douglas Quayson — Ghana

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