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Michael Taylor, popularly known by his stage name DJ Ruud, is a 33 year old multitalented Business man and Entertainer. He studied Geography in the University of Lagos but is now a practicing Human Resource Manager and Consultant. He is the CEO of Ruud Online Management and is also a part owner of Rhapsody’s as well as the official DJ for the Restaurant. On top of all that, he is a brand ambassador for Ciroc which is a multinational bottling company.

In this interview with The Spark, he talks about his love for music and shares the secret to how he is able to strike a balance between working in two different industries.


TS: You studied Human Resource Management, why did you decide to go into Dj-ing?

DJ Ruud: I actually studied geography at Unilag but obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in human resource at Lautech.

I went into Dj-ing because of my love for music which made me discover my talent early enough. I actually started Dj-ing way back in 2002 and decided to take it serious in 2009

 TS: How are you able to combine working in two different industries?

DJ Ruud: Education and talent gives one the edge to be on top of his/her game. Combining the two gives me the advantage to be more disciplined and professional

TS: What other aspect of business are you currently into and what motivated you to go into it?

DJ Ruud: One shouldn’t limit a brand geographically. This made me develop the interest in setting up an online Radio station designed to promote my skill to the world. I presently run an online radio station called Ruud online Radio, this is what I’m currently into at the moment. I am also an Information Technology (IT) Consultant.

TS: What sort of challenges do you face in both industries?

DJ Ruud: Hiring the right person for a particular position. Most people just go through the educational system but have nothing to show for it. This makes it challenging for HR professionals.

There is no proper structure in the music industry. It is disorganized which makes it difficult for those who are upcoming.

TS: In your experience, which of the industries would you say is more receptive to youths?

DJ Ruud: I would say both because Entertainment and HR play an important role in the economy today. Youths should engage in vocational job. This will give the edge in handling any economic situation

TS: As a Human Resource Manager, how would you describe the attitude of a typical Nigerian youth in a work environment? 

DJ Ruud: In Nigeria, an average youth is concerned more about income and not development. One should learn on the job, relate experience and develop your talent

TS: What are you willing to give to the Spark Rookie to encourage him/her achieve their dream?

DJ Ruud: I will gladly empower the rookie of the Month with free Radio Advertising and song promotion.


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