The Number 1 Weight Loss Food You Need To Add To Your Diet


There are a lot of weight loss and fat-burning foods out there.

However, there is only one you should be eating that you probably do not know about.

It is banana peels.

This overlooked “food waste” can help you lose weight.

Why? You may be wondering.

It is because the skins have nutrients like vitamin A, lutein, other antioxidants, including B vitamins, which helps the body’s metabolism.

Also, the peels have lots of soluble and insoluble fiber, even more than the fruit itself, both can slow digestion, boost feelings of fullness, and even work to lower cholesterol.

Preferably, go for green peels as you will get a big dose of probiotics, which increasing research shows are essential to balancing the body’s internal flora for weight loss.

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However, yellow skins have anti-cancer qualities that are not found in green skins.

The peels of both green bananas or unripe ones and the more familiar yellow ones can be eaten, or cooked.

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