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TEAPLUS photography is an events and wedding photography outfit founded by Oluwatobi Erinle, a graduate of University of Lagos, where he majored in pure and applied chemistry and a Master’s degree holder from the University of Ibadan.


“I had always been interested in making beautiful art and in doing business. I loved photographs right from school days, and being able to preserve some precious memories, and tell stories with pictures gives me much fulfilment. I also have a vast knowledge in computer software, and finding solutions to computer issues gives me much joy.


The idea to start TEAPLUS photography came late 2014, even though I had been taking pictures since 2004 while in secondary school, with the old film camera my dad got me. Between 2014 and 2016, I’ve worked on developing myself, learning from other great photographers the true art of photography and storytelling. I started out by taking pictures of friends, and making small prints which they really loved. I then went on to covering small events, from where I started getting referrals to standard events.


There are so many different fields of photography, but I enjoy documenting events such as weddings and taking beautiful portraits of people, including little children. I also take some beautiful abstract pictures, but only during my leisure. I offer tutorials for new photographers who want to learn the basics. I provide efficient lessons and exercises that help them develop their photography skills or even discover their hidden talents in photography.


It is my vision for all people to once again appreciate the art of professional digital photography and concise storytelling. With the rapid development of technology, most people believe once they have their smartphones with them, or a cheap point and shoot camera, there is really no need for professional service.There is a popular saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. I hope to always captivate people with pictures of awesome moments, and leaving them wanting more.”

Have a look at some of his visual creations below:


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