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10 financial apps for small businesses - the spark youth empowerment platforms in nigeria

10 Financial Apps for Small Businesses

Need financial apps that can help with productivity? Look no more, find below apps to help you organize your business and make your life better.   By Ayandola...

music production

The Ultimate App Guide To Music Production

Music production from ideation to promotion has been made easy with mobile apps. You can now make the music of your choice with just a click on your mobile phone.  ...

millennial entrepreneurs

Mobile Apps Millennial Entrepreneurs Are Using To Get Ahead

Mobile apps have continuously played a role in increasing the efficiency of millennial entrepreneurs, especially as it makes their work easier and faster.   –...

7 Mobile Apps to Manage Your Money On Your Smartphone

Irokotv.com’s recent announcement that it’ll be shutting down its website for a strictly mobile based platform is evidence of mobile technology 's transformation