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Tattoo artist catches teenager ‘stealing’,inks his forehead with ‘I am a thief’

A teenage ‘thief’ may be forever humiliated after a tattoo artist caught him and inked his forehead with ‘I am a thief’. The artist, Maycon...


13-year-old Nigerian boy reportedly commits suicide in Benue

A 13-year-old boy, Aounduver Terunm, has left his family confused as he reportedly committed suicide inside his parents’ chicken pen located in their private...


Attack kills 90 near diplomatic area in Afghanistan

A huge suicide bomb ripped through a secure area of Kabul at the height of the Wednesday morning rush hour, killing at least 90 people and wounding 400, Afghan officials...

5 Chic Suit Plus Loafer Pairings

5 Chic Suit Plus Loafer Pairings... get down to business in these chic borrowed-from-the-boys look . . .

What To Wear: Casual Versus Careless Look

The CASUAL business look,or the-can-I-wear-jeans-to-work is actually pretty easy to do and quite versatile.The TIP is to always wear heels, a very smart top

How To Dress Classy To Work

The CLASSIC look is probably the most common and easiest way to dress for office, regardless of your job, but also the most likely to get you looking boring

10 Best Off The Shoulder Tops

Off-the-shoulder tops never go out of fashion,such is their easy-to-wear appeal, but this season, they're back in a big way-thanks to summer's hippy revival

Donald Trump Pinatas Are a Hit In Mexico

Reuters reports that pinatas bearing Trump’s likeness, including “a flange of blonde hair and a big mouth,” have hit store shelves in Mexico and are proving...

How To Clean Makeup Brushes

Keep your makeup brushes in tip-top shape and ensure the bristles stay soft and bacteria-free longer. We recommend washing brushes at least once a week ...

Tools Of The Trade

For best shadow effects and precision application, rely on professional makeup brushes and tools to get the job done. Learn a little bit more here . . .