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North Korea detains third American citizen

An American citizen, identified only by his surname, Kim, has been detained in North Korea as he tried to leave the country, South Korean media say. He becomes the third...

New Zealand toughens skilled immigration requirements

  New Zealand, Wednesday, announced that it is introducing tougher requirements for skilled overseas workers as it tries to control immigration numbers that have...

Australia town consumed by ‘hairy panic

A fast-growing tumbleweed called “hairy panic” is clogging up homes in a small Australian town. Extremely dry conditions mean the weeds pile up each day...

Australia detains 5-month-old baby in unfit immigration centre

A 5-month-old baby has been sent to the Australian-run immigration detention centre on Nauru Island despite recommendations that

Brothel Offers Free Sex in Protest

What a way to protest! An Austrian brothel is offering customers free sex in a summer-long protest over what its owner sees as punitive tax payments.