Surreal Art by Jayblacque


Aderemi Emmanuel, also called Jayblacque is a self-taught surreal artist and a student of University of Ilorin, studying mechanical engineering.

Jayblacque - the spark youth empowerment platform in Nigeria

About his art, he says, “I am a self-taught surreal artist; I use charcoal pencil mostly on different media. I get inspired by things I see on a daily basis, all combined together to make a master piece. How I started?  It all began in 2016 when I had a domestic accident and I was deprived from stepping out for weeks. So during that period, I picked up my pencil and started drawing, since then, I haven’t stopped because I enjoy every moment of it.  Where am I now with my art?  Well I won’t say I am professional artist yet but I’m getting to that level.”

Jayblacque gets inspired by the things around him. “Then I create according to the idea I have at a particular point in time.”

Reach him on

Instagram: Jayblacque.rts

Twitter: Jayblacque.rts

Email: aderemi.ad22@gmail.com



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