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Summer is Here


Summer time is a good opportunity for every family to come together and make the family unit even stronger.


By Amaka Chika Mbonu

I wrote and published a book recently with quite a provocative title, ’49 Ways to Get Rid of the Other Woman (without getting caught)’.

Some posit that the reason why we have infidelity as the norm rather than the exception these days is because of the frenetic pace, and pressured lifestyle we live today.

It is so difficult and time-consuming to make a living to meet various legitimate financial obligations. This translates into little or no time for the things that really matter; family time, passing down family traditions and ideals, learning to be there for each other. This goes on to affect the quality of the relationship between husband and wife, with each other and with the children, who in turn grow up in this dynamic and repeat it in their own homes.

What does this have to do with anything some may ask?

Well summer is here, typically the longest holiday of the school year. A time when children – tots, teens, and young adults are at home as school is out.

It is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for every family that should be utilized to the full. A time to take a step back and smell the roses. To work towards forming closer ties, to build and create memories, work out and discuss areas of conflict, personal challenges, victories; between husband and wife, but also in the family as a whole, so everyone feels part of a whole.

The family is the most basic unit of society. It is the building block for communities and nations. Many of the ills in society today can be attributed to the erosion of the family and the family unit.

Today we talk about rebuilding our nation, empowering and building men and women of impact and influence. Igniting and encouraging people to have a sense of worth, be their best self, go for their passion, fulfill purpose and destiny. The truth is that what happens in this micro unit — the family, at every time, but focusing, for the purposes of this article, on this time of the year, has more far reaching implications in achieving the above than what we see on the surface.

The more cohesive the unit of family, the better the quality and strength — emotional and otherwise of the individuals that come out from it. They will go on and impact their future families and their communities ad infinitum.

Families must be strong and bond to function optimally and the holidays are a good time to do this. A secure family unit provides comfort and eases pressures.

The flip side to this coin is not pretty; weaker nations, because people are not nurtured and raised to release their best for themselves and the society at large.

So whether you vacation in Monaco, Marbella, or the Maldives or ‘staycation’ in the city you live in, know that you are doing your bit for humanity when you spend this precious time bonding with your family.

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