President Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday described those agitating for the breakup of Nigeria as noise makers. Buhari made the remark while addressing troops

You are not strong enough to lead, resign!!! – Nigerian Bishops to Buhari


Some bishops have asked President Muhammadu Buhari to resign from office because of his ill health.

The bishops also reprimanded the Presidency for persistently refusing to disclose Buhari’s health status, saying they were in support of protesters demanding the President’s resignation.


Speaking on Friday at the second session of the Twelfth Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Owo, the Bishop of Owo Diocese, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Rt. Revd. James Oladunjoye, asked Buhari to resign and give room for another person to do the job.

Oladunjoye said, “We thank God for the President and for the way he had been ruling according to the law, but there is something wrong that we want him to address.

“He has been ill for so many months in his tenure and so, is it not proper for the country to know his health condition as he is no more a private personality?

“He is public property and if he is not strong enough to continue as the leader of this country, it is better for him to resign so that another qualified individual can take up the office legitimately.”

Speaking based on his personal relationship with Oladunjoye, the Bishop of the Ibadan South Diocese of the Anglican Communion, Rt. Revd. Jacob Ajetunmobi, said his counterpart at the Owo Diocese was speaking based on the experience he (Oladunjoye) had.



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