The Spark Ignites You With Free Outdoor Advertising Courtesy Drivertise


For the month of September, Drivertise, (an advertising company that matches advertisers with  everyday car users that want to earn extra income by using their car as a medium of advertising.) will be empowering a young business owner with free outdoor advertising.

Making this known is the CEO and founder of Drivertise, Gbolahan Faniran during an interview with The Spark where he spoke about his entrepreneurship journey, the Nigerian business environment, reception of Drivertise,  and the challenges Drivertise faces.




See excerpt of interview as well as the full video interview below:


T.S: What gets you out of bed every morning?

G.F: What gets me out of bed daily is the day-to-day goals I have set out for myself. Once I wake up in the morning, I say my prayer, the next thing is to go through all my note and see all the things I have to achieve that very day so it really keeps me going and helps me alot.


T.S: What inspired you to start Drivertise?

G.F: When I was starting off my other company, a logistics and supply chain outfit, one of the major challenges I faced was customer acquisition. I was just lucky to have a dad who knows people in the manufacturing sector so I was able to get customers through him but aside that it was very difficult for me to get reach new customers because if you look at the forms of advertising we have, most of them are actually very expensive looking at the billboard, Tv, radio and the only one that small scale businesses seem to use is social media. I just thought it was a limited way for SMEs to reach new consumers and at that time my partner had to park his car because of increment in the cost of PMS so we just sat down and thought of what we can achieve from the situation we are in and this idea just came in, we started researching and realized that it actually a phenomenon that has been growing in other part of the world.


T.S: What will you give off as The Spark – an incentive to encourage the Rookie of the month in his/her own pursuit of success?

G.F: Drivertise is willingly to empower a young entrepreneur with outdoor advertising




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