See The Types Of People On Your BBM List



We have different types of people on BBM. See them below…

1) The ones who are always having enemies and fake friends DPs (Wonder what their problem is)

2) The ones with DPs to show off wealth they don’t have.

3) The ones who feels people don’t like them.

4) The ones who advertise their goods (Make una bring advert come Vanguard Spark na)

5) The ones with annoying broadcast messages (They will even BC “Hello”)

6) The ones with relationship issues ( Better go wash your head for Elegushi Beach)

7) The ones with half n**e DPs (Show us if you wan show us)

8) The Yahoo Boys

9) The DP thieves

10) The ones with stupid quote DPs

11) The ones that change DP once in 3 weeks (Claiming maturity)

12) The ones who are monitoring your progress

13) The ones with ugly selfies (Wonder why nobody tells them)

Feel Free To Add Yours.

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