So Sad: See What Unemployed Graduates Pass Through In Nigeria



Though unemployment has an expiry date, but pending the mean time when the bot they call unemployment is still crawling one’s life, it’s not a very good experience. But with time, all will get well as the longevity of such experience depends on some factors like family & academic background, grade, acquired skills, self development and most importantly, God’s grace.

Research undertaken proved that the unemployment, and much more so, the underemployment of graduates, are devastating phenomena in the lives of graduates and a high incidence of either, are definite indicators of institutional ineffectiveness and inefficiency.

Lots of words will not fill a bushel, let’s discuss!!!

Being Broke
This is an inevitable feature of an unemployed graduate. Such person is bound to have no or limited source of income which in turn affects his or her purchasing and spending ability, thereby almost living from hand to mouth. It’s no more the undergraduate days when you ask your parents for everything. At this stage, they are expecting something from you.

Loss Of Relationship
One out of a hundred and one Nigerian girls will be ready to stay and wait for an unemployed graduate with a faded employment security in the nearest future. The reason why they may shift base is not far-fetched. Most importantly, age factor, she won’t wait for you until she’s 35 years of age, not when she has some rich (working class) guys on her neck and the pressure from friends and relatives for her to get marry on time keeps piling, coupled with the fear of beauty depreciation. Boooooooooooooom! She’s off!

Sexual Harassment
This is common among unemployed pretty ladies. They are faced with the dilemma of satisfying the sexual wants of that pot-bellied company boss or wait on the Lord for an unforeseen miracle. Some of them might even discover it was all an exploitation after the deed has been done. The less pretty ones are somehow unfortunate as they suffer more due to less or lack of attraction.

Abnormal Anticipation While Awaiting Interview Call
After submitting applications, next up is to be expectant of calls and text messages to be called up for interviews or other employment related information. You keep your phone close enough even though the ringtone volume was set to the highest level. Then this is when MTN will start sending unwarranted messages like “Text NAN to 30020 to get updated as APC takes over Nigerian Government“. You jump off the couch only to get to the phone and discover it’s MTN at work again. It’s not always funny.

Little Or No Friends
This can also be related to lack of money. Human beings are meant to follow you like a prefix when you are rich but they deny you once it’s the other way round. Failure has no friend while success has many relatives. But by the time you update a status or upload a striking picture on Facebook, just charge your battery, it will get exhausted with calls.

Spiritual Attachment
Funny how people will start advising you to visit an old African wizard in a village called elegbedo when situation like this springs up. That is when they will trace your case to that of your great grandfather, telling you he didn’t get to harvest a single mango till he died, which might be false. Telling you it might be due to a girl you jilted years back. All those spiritual seers can so guess right though.

While wandering from places to places in search of this so-called job, you’ll meet different kinds of people, some of which will treat you like you have shits on your body. They will address you like you are not worth talking to and the pot-bellied boss will shout with a command tone as he orders you to wait till eternity.

Job Scam
In a desperate bid to leave the competitive unemployment market, they get opened to scams in the guise of job opportunities. The get scammed as the fake employers ask them for certain amount of money for a juicy job opportunity but at the end of the day, they discover it was all a ruse.

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