The Role of Mindset In Weight Loss


The Role Of Mindset In Weight Loss

As with anything worth doing in life, how you go about it both physically as well as mentally plays a vital role in achieving success.

Just as the boxer pumps himself up in front of the mirror before a championship fight – he jumps in place, throws punches to the air, he repeats words of wisdom passed down from his coach. He is putting himself in the moment mentally; he is preparing himself MENTALLY for the fight of his life

He has put in countless hours of physical training in preparation for this fight, but here he is, seconds before the bell and it is not his physical strength that he is priming… It is his mental game that he is rousing, challenging, awakening and it is his mental agility that he will bring to the ring.

His mental strength far outweighs his physical and it is that mental strength that will see him through. The mind is a powerful thing.

When it comes to weight loss, one needs to maintain a positive mindset even more crucially then the need to maintain food journals and exercise regimens.

The majority of those who are currently trying desperately to lose weight are those people who have struggled with their weight for many years; some even since childhood. Work on your mindset, then it’s not so difficult to lose that excess weight.



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