RELATIONSHIP TALK: 6 Things Guys Do Wrong When Trying To Get The Lady Of Their Dreams


So you have been trying to get her but haven’t? Yet you still like her. Fear not for these tips would help you get her with ease.

1. Approach her like a Queen:
Guys nowadays tend to hiss or make funny sounds to get a girl’s attention. You should realize that she isn’t a dog,so walk up to her to talk and don’t make irritating gestures.

2. Quit stalking:
When you desire a thing you must summon courage and work to get it talk less of desiring a being,a lady for that matter. Don’t stalk a lady you like because you are shy to talk to her, be a man and gear your balls into action.

3. Don’t tell stories:
When you gain her attention, don’t tell her stories every guy tells,make your package different and unique. Go straight to the point but don’t be domineering while conversing with her.

4. Avoid boasts:
Ladies are irritated by men who boast about their material or intellectual acquisition, you don’t have to tell her the amount in your account or how many cars you own or how high you’ve gone in academics; keep it real,simple and be humble.

5. Endeavor to be truthful:
Ladies get curious and ask questions; try to be truthful in answering them,it’s better to lose her to the truth than a lie. Ladies are quite smitten with truthful guys because they are rare in this modern age

6. Appreciate her:
Let her know you are grateful she spent a lil time with you(no matter how lil it is/was. Guys don’t do this because they don’t know it makes the lady happy and it makes her eager to spend more time with you.

Okay! Wishing you the best with that lady of your dreams.

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