realistic painting

Realistic Painting by Ikechukwu


Ikechukwu Nnadi, also known as NnadiArts, does realistic painting. The freelance artist describes himself as a soul inspired by the world.

Speaking about how he started art, he says, “My experiences here and that of others. Having been in the shoes I was in as a kid who wasn’t allowed to speak much, I developed a sort of low self esteem. Art was the only way out for me. It was something nobody had to show me. I love working hard and hanging out with smart people who make you think about life differently from the way you already view it.”
He says he is an artist seeking to communicate the different languages and textures of time,
space and people. “Well my art started in doodles, take-home assignments as a nursery/primary school pupil. I picked the interest from there… But when I decided to fully do art as a discipline was when I saw the joy it brought to people’s faces after I did some of my earliest work…

Ikechukwu’s art is inspired by his life basically. “Me looking at my life and imagining what it must be like for the remaining 7billion people or so … the knowledge that I don’t have everything, and nobody has everything … the knowledge that no matter how hard and tough your life is, someone somewhere has been through worse  and is succeeding more than you. So there are no excuses…. This is what motivates me everyday … No excuses.


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