pop music by wolf - the spark youth empowerment platforms in nigeria

Pop Music by Wolf


Alexander Orisafele is also known as Wolf. “It’s more an alter ego than just an alias. Wolf is a character I created to embody my art. It’s more like another part of me which does the things I usually would feel shy about.”

pop music by wolf - the spark youth empowerment platforms in nigeria

The Physics graduate who is a fan of comic books and anime has always been fascinated with the arts; visual art, poetry, music, and film.

“When I was young, my elder sister inspired me to start writing, she wrote a lot of stories and poems and plays. That rubbed off on me and I started writing poems and short stories myself.”

“Growing older, I started listened to more music, again through the influence of my sister, and that led me to start writing my own music, then I would just rip off the melodies of my favourite songs and change the lyrics. I also taught myself to sing by listening to bands like; The Fray, Likin Park and Nsync, again through the influence of my sister.”

“Then around 2011, I stumbled on Burna Boy and Frank Ocean and they became major influences in changing my song writing style. After writing a lot of songs with nobody to sing them, I decided to do so myself, that’s when I got to the studio and started recording songs.”

pop music by wolf - the spark youth empowerment platforms in nigeria

“Since then, the music has been my major focus and I thank God for the progress I’ve made thus far, there are a lot of areas which I’d like to improve on too, but I’m working on myself and I see improvements every day. I dropped my debut project titled SOUNDS earlier this year and the feedback has been very encouraging, I’m already working on a follow up it’ll be ready pretty soon.”

Speaking on what inspires him, he says, “Most times, I just write what I feel. If I’ve just had an awesome experience, I’d write it in a song; other times, its melodies. I hear something I like in the studio and I write a song to it. Love is also a big inspiration to my song writing, it’s the easiest emotion to tap into when writing and it’s also the most important emotion of all. So it’s a mix of all these things that puts me in a song writing mood.”

Find him

Live on Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/wolf_Xx or search for WOLF_XX

pop music by wolf - the spark youth empowerment platforms in nigeria

Twitter: @wolf_unofficial

Instagram: @unofficial_wolf

His ep is also available on MTN MUSIC PLUS platform http://mpjamz.com/s/421e69147/ or search for SOUNDS by WOLF

Distribution on ITunes and Spotify is coming soon

Book him for shows, events etc via lucidinspiredofficial@yahoo.com/


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