Police kills a FUTA final year student during a peaceful protest in Ekiti State


Indigenes of Igbara Odo, Ekiti State, were thrown into mourning yesterday when a peaceful protest turned tragic. A 500 level student of FUTA, Ayilumo Julius Adeniran was reportedly killed by a police officer as he joined his kinsmen for a protest.

Ayilumo who was home for the Easter break joined the Igbara Odo youth in a peaceful protest yesterday but as police officers tried to disperse the crowd, they shot into the crowd and unfortunately, a stray bullet hit Ayilumo.

His friends shared the sad news on Facebook and wrote tributes to mourn him. One of his friends, Olowolafe Mayowa Samuel, wrote:

“Good Friday turned a bad one here. Son of man fell and pool of tears was inevitably instigated today in my hometown.

My brother, late Ayilumo Julius was an indigene of Igbara Odo Ekiti, a 500level student of FUTA and a youth with a never giving up spirit. He loved me so much and he believed in the future of our hometown. He was shot and killed today by police officers while the officers were trying to halt a peaceful protest staged by Igbara Odo youths.
Bro.your sudden death makes me realise how ephemeral life is. May God have mercy on you and forgive you of your sins, RIP. I love you prince Jul.”

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