Poetry by Koobimdi


Koobimdi Franklin Ndekwu is also known as Ikran Blaque or Tommy Jr. He describes himself as a lover of poetry, a strong believer in equal rights and opportunities for both sexes and an environmentalist.

The student of Law says about poetry, “I love poetry. I find poetry to be one of the best forms of expression. One of my early encounters with poetry was in the works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. In their poems, I found a certain measure of peace, understanding and connection.

“I started writing poems sometime around 2003, when I lost a friend. I see my poems as a means of communicating to the world on a mass scale. My writing usually reflects my feelings on a particular subject at a particular point in time. I hope to publish my first anthology titled ‘Theatre Of The Mind’ by 2019.”

Koobimdi’s writings are usually inspired by life experiences, his and others. “I love history so, most times, I try to express myself in the voice of my self-created historical character. Also, because I believe that there is always a silver lining, I always try to draw inspiration from tragic incidents. Tragedies are bound to happen, so it is left to us to make of it what we will. I try to turn such incidents into sources of positive energy.”

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Facebook: Tommy Ndekwu Jr

Mobile: 08168918988

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