Pictorial Appreciation by Step4wad


Stephen Edet, also known as Step4wad is a Pictorial Poet. “I specialize in advertising and strategic marketing. I am currently a social media marketer and content writer at enabled Business Solutions.”

The Mass Communication graduate from the University of Jos had always had love for colours and colourful pictures right from childhood. “That drove me into photo editing which I did for sometime as a graphic artist. But then after I left college, I felt I wanted more and at that point I started asking myself what my talent was. I discovered I had really good taste for artworks.”

“And I felt since I was a digital marketer, I should develop a digital art gallery using Instagram as a medium to share the most amazing pieces from various artists. I also use these artworks to communicate my message to the world. And right now my audience are demanding that I paint due to my sense of art.”

His inspiration comes from within. “I can choose to talk about my pain, love for someone or issues of life, basically to inspire my audience and motivate them to accomplish more.”

Reach him on

Instagram: @step4wad.

Email: stephenedet@gmail.com

Whatsapp : +2347069748405.


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