Photorealism by KOT Art


Olusegun Tosin Kalejaye, also known as KOT or professionally as KOT Art, is a self-taught artist from Ondo State, Nigeria. “I studied History and International Studies, so I had no formal training in art.”

Speaking on his art, he says, “My work is largely based on a genre of art called photo-realism, and I enjoy working mostly with charcoal and graphite pencils on paper.”

“I have always loved drawing and creating all kinds of realistic figures while I was a kid but I was never serious about it nor thought of considering it as a career. I started art professionally in 2016, as a post-graduate student of History out of curiosity and in a bid to understand life events/happenings and interpret them artistically on paper.”

“I aim at creating life on paper, thereby ensuring a deep and appealing connection between the audience and my piece of art owing to the high level of realism.”

“At this point in time, I am still a work in progress trying to master my skill, understand the market and possibly inspire others with my works.”


His art is inspired by the society and his response to it. “African music, fashion, children, ghetto, women, politics, oppression, success, and a host of others are subjects I love to study and thereby interpret/respond through my art.”

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Reach him on

Instagram: @kot_artworks

WhatsApp: 08066463938

Email: tosinkalejaye92@gmail.com

Website: kalejayeotartworks.com



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