Pencil Art by Styn


Austen Uchechukwugeme Amaefule, also known as Styn, is a self-taught artist and also currently a 200 level student of Geology in the University of Lagos.


The 19 year old from Imo state says he has always loved drawing and painting for as long as he remembers.

“My parents noticed this when I was really little and were always very encouraging. Growing up, I realized that nothing gave me more pleasure than creating an artwork of any kind. I actually cannot say that I have reached a point where I can call myself a complete artist yet. I believe that I am still a work in progress, developing every day. “

His art usually comes spontaneously, nothing specific triggers it. “However, sometimes experiences I’ve had or situations I’ve witnessed inspire my works.”


Connect with him via

Instagram: @styn_theartist

Twitter: @austen_chmd

Facebook: Amaefule Uchechukwu


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