Pencil Art by Chukwuemeka


Chukwuemeka Okobi, also known as Auira_Art, is a pencil artist, who is very passionate about creativity, writing and animations.

The graduate of Electrical Engineering from the University of Ibadan is also a Graphics designer and illustrator.

Talking about his art and how he started, he says, “Drawing has always been there right from when I was young. But I wasn’t really consistent. But at the end of my final year in school, I decided to put my mind to it when I was hyperrealistic portraits by Nigerian artists.

“So I bought the tools I needed, searched for the right books and got to work practising every part of the human figure.

“Currently, I do pencil art, black and white of life. I also want to go into other media like coloured pencil art, painting to aim at hyperrealism and abstract art.

“I want my art to portray the beauty of creativity, abstract thinking and portray the beauty of black.”


Chukwuemeka is inspired by the beauty of life. How different things can come together in harmony to give meaning and there is no limit to this creativity. He is also motivated by the desire to prove naysayers on Nigerian art wrong.


Connect with him via

Instagram: kobi_auiraart

WhatsApp: 08135876925

Facebook: Chukwuemeka Okobi


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