Chris Iji

Pencil Art by Chris Iji


Chris Iji is a pencil artist. According to the Industrial and Technology Education graduate, art has always been a part of him even though it took him a while to realise it.

Chris Iji

“I just enjoyed making random sketches, drawing cartoons and items I find lying around back then in primary school. The sketching habit continued through my secondary school and university days but art then was just something I did to pass time.”

“During my service year in 2015 while ‘passing time’ on a drawing, I realised my drawings had improved (not much though) over time. It became clear that I could become better. Since then, all I do is work towards being better. It has been a challenging but fun and worthwhile journey so far.”

Chris does more of pencil (graphite and charcoal) drawings. “I also work ballpen drawings every once in a while but hope to explore other art media such as pastels, acrylic and oil painting soon while I keep working to be BETTER.


His  art is inspired by LIFE. “Life is indeed beautiful and I hope to make this clearer with my art.”

“Even though making art, for me, is a call from deep within that I just can’t ignore, I desire greatly that my art (irrespective of my level of skill) affects the lives of others positively; from triggering smiles on people’s faces, to igniting love (for life and others) in their hearts, to stirring up passion in others and also inspiring younger artists to believe that they too can be better.”


“I want my Art (in its own little way) to add colour to LIFE.”

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