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Pencil Art by Chizzy


Chizaram Janice Uzodinma , also known as Chizzy, describes herself as  a lawyer with a passion for Arts, especially pencil art. She also loves to read.

When asked about her art, she says, “I have been drawing since I learnt to hold a pencil. I started by drawing all the cartoon characters on my school bag and lunch boxes, I took fine arts classes from primary to secondary school, where I learnt more on perspective, colour, landscape and still life  drawing, and I took private painting lessons when I was in the university. I got my first easel and oil paint then, thanks to my Mum. At some point I decided to earn from my talent, so I started doing commissioned portrait. Right now I am working on developing my painting skills, trying out new techniques, and exploring various mediums. I don’t want to ever feel restricted.”

She draws inspiration from pictures. “I could just be scrolling by on Instagram and stumble on a really captivating photograph and Bingo! I am inspired to draw something similar. I am also inspired by people. I could see the rugged fingers of the suya-man, the wrinkled grin of the woman that sells garri down the road, the innocent eyes of the beggar’s child, the chiselled chin of that banker in dapper suit, and just get inspired. I also draw inspiration from other people’s artworks.”

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