Palmchat Launches Its 5.1 Version


Palmchat, Africa’s leading Instant Messenger and Social App has released its latest 5.1 version to make it stand out in the crowd of Instant Messengers and Social apps in Nigeria and Africa at large. It continues to take pride in its distinct approach to giving its users all the excitement they can get. Itis supported by all operating systems (Blackberry, Android, Java, Windows etc), and integrates both text and emoticons.
Its exciting features gives its users that extra-captivating experience that they can’t get anywhere else, and naturally makes them use it on a daily basis. Perhaps, its biggest addition in the updated version is its PalmGuess platform, a first of its kind football and funny predictions platform which has held its users spellbound, and has seen over hundred thousand users actively participating in the predictions game and winning fabulous prices (Vouchers, IPhones, Recharge Cards etc) within the first week of its launch.

Its Shake Shake feature is another interesting feature that allows users who are shaking their mobile phones to connect with other users globally who are shaking their devices simultaneously.I bet you will want to check out how that works.

Perhaps, its biggest feature is its Public Accounts enterprise partnership platform that gives its users the opportunity to follow, and get latest info and updates from their favourite companies and brands like Konga, Complete Sports, OLX, Giditraffic, to name a few.
“Through the Public Accounts, I get to be the first to know about the latest promos, features and updates about my favourite brands and that gives me a clear advantage over my colleagues. Thumbs-up to Palmchat for this innovative idea” said Rachael Arowolo, an avid user of Palmchat.

The excitement does not end there. Palmchat has continued to encourage friendships and blind dating, with happy-ever-after tales of couples who met on Palmchat forever pouring in. Talking about this, Steven Sun, Palmchat Co-ordinatorremarked that “It is quite easy to see why Palmchat commands a gigantic fan following in Nigeria. It provides Nigerian youths with a unique opportunity of meeting members of the opposite sex, with stories abounding of how many of these relationships have ended up in flourishing marriages. Palmchat will continue to create the right atmosphere and environment for singles to hook-up. Perhaps what easily differentiates it form other instant messaging apps in the market is that it is supported by all operating systems – blackberry, Symbian, android, windows, apple, etc”

What is more, do you want to share your selfies and most beautiful moments? Palmchat’s broadcast page gives you that opportunity to express yourself in the best possible way.  It is increasingly sparkling with the finest selfies and breathtaking photos.

Palmchat currently has about Seventy-six million users globally, with about five million daily active Nigerian users. Don’t use Palmchat yet? Join the excitement by downloading it from any app store.

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