Paintings by Stanley


Stanley Chizoba Meruo, also known as Stanleovic or sometimes, just Stan, is an artist. He makes drawings, paintings, crafts and designs.

The student of Art and Graphics Design in Yaba College of Technology says about his art, “I started my art when I was a kid drawing cartoons, people and football players. Growing up, I decided to go tertiary institution in Yaba, Lagos to learn more, though things were difficult initially but I kept my faith and endured all that came my way because art is something I really love doing and makes me feel happy, even if I had to wait for years after my secondary school. So now, I do draw, paint, make crafts and design for people.”

Stanley is inspired by what art communicates and expresses to the people. “It communicates with the viewers and expresses the artist’s thought with the use of colours, forms, objects and so on. Been an artist, you must know how to communicate with your viewers, make them get the message of what you are creating or expressing.”

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Phone number: 07063455405, 09055400202.

Twitter: @stanleovic_c

Instagram: @stanleovic_c




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