Painting by Lekanskillz


Lekanskillz, whose full name is Olalekan Odunbori, is a painter that loves to tell stories with his works.

The graduate of Painting from Yaba College of Technology started when he discovered he could draw as a kid.

“Since then, I’ve been practicing art. I do semi-abstract art, a movement called cubism. With my works, I tell stories with the use of shapes, bright colours, African motifs, lines and patterns.

“Apparently, my art has evolved. When I started out, I really loved figurative painting but over time, my mannerism changed, which is why I now do semi-abstract art. This may likely lead me to becoming a pure abstract artist in the future.”

“I draw inspiration from happenings around me, cultural practices and nature. Also, the works of great masters such as Yusuf Grillo, Piet Mondrian and Pablo Picasso inspire my art.”

Mothers are heroes 2


Connect with him via:

Instagram, Facebook & Twitter: @ lekanskillz

Email: lekanskillz09@live.com

Website: https://olalekanodunbori.wixsite.com/artist/

WhatsApp/call: 08024480706



Life drama

Mothers are heroes 1

Mothers are heroes 3


Onigele 2


Tomorrow is looking good

You complete me 1

You complete me 2



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