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Hyperrealism Art by Oluwaseyi

Oluwaseyi Nurudeen Alabi is a hyperrealism artist who describes himself as more of a storytelling artist. ” I basically tell African stories through my work(Art). Through my work, I exhibit a nation and her future. I draw African women. Without a doubt, women are known to be a nation. And I also draw mostly kids(children). As it’s said, children are believed to be the leaders of tomorrow. I come from a part of Africa which believes that children are the light of every household. African mothers would rather enjoy house being turned upside down than having a home with no children. They are source of joy and they bring life into every home.” says Oluwaseyi.


Oluwaseyi who got into the art at the tender age of six/seven gets his inspiration from music artistes like the Legendary Fela Kuti and Beautiful Nubia.


See some of his works below:


Connect with him via social media @Sheyi_pencilz




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