Landscape Art by Olukorode


“I love to paint impressions from my imagination, so my kind of work has no reference to any particular location. Even if it does, it is only coincidence.” This statement was made by Olukorode Olubunmi Taiwo, who also goes by the name Olukorode Artistry, a visual impressionist – more specifically a landscape artist. He runs an art gallery under the name Olukorode Art Gallery.

The visual impressionist explains that his love for painting landscapes from impressions stems from the fact that it gives him the freedom to be able to express himself in perspective and colors, and that it also appeals to others as well.

“I started painting professionally in 2013 during my final year while studying Linguistics at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University,” Olukorode says.

The Master’s House

He draws his inspiration from a lot of artists. This has helped him to hone his skills, and ever since he has kept on practising. He is also inspired by places he has visited and has tried to relive the memory on canvas.

Acrylic on Canvas
Title – ‘My Old Village’

To visit exciting places with Olukorode through his art, catch him on Instagram @olukorode_artistry, ‘Olukorode art gallery’ on Facebook and ‘Olukorode artistry’ on Twitter.


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