Obua's Death and Resurrection, the Bitter Truth by Paul Osas



The recent hue and cry over the death or otherwise of former Chief Security Officer to Ex President Goodluck Jonathan, Mr. Gordon Obua by the hands of the men of the Department of State Services (DSS) has once again thrown open the wounds of hate headlining our political discuss.

Good thing it has been confirmed that Mr Obua is alive and well, at least he said so himself. This piece is not about whether he died or resurrected but about how much insensitivity has taken over the Nigerian social and political clime.

I followed with keen interest how social media lords, particularly on twitter, engaged each other in a supremacy battle. Those who reported that the detained CSO was dead saw an expensive window of opportunity to take a cheap shot at the President Buhari-led Federal Government. They wailed and screamed about a possible return of the tyrannical days as though a prophecy has just come to pass. These supposed anti Buhari knights went on with the expensive reports, unverified, as though it is the ‘we said it moment’ they have been longing for.

But it was not to be. The man Obua didn’t die after all. He fainted, was hospitalised but he didn’t die. He was unlawfully detained, restrained, secluded and deprived by the DSS but he didn’t die. Don’t get me wrong, this lawlessness by the DSS is unacceptable.

However, it is sad that the rumour of Obua’s death didn’t elicit sympathy from those peddling it. They sought rather, to make someone else look bad. Hardly did I see R.I.P Obua, they forgot for a moment, it is burial before vengeance if you must.

For the pro Buhari lords, Obua’s clean bill of health exonerated the government and gave them cheap score over critics. Like you would have thought, they lived up to expectations. It was trolling without boundaries.

But these are worrisome trends. Nobody remembered the trauma Obua’s family might have been going through, not only from his detention but also from unsolicited condolence calls and SMS. Just as the anti Buhari group forgot to express their sympathy so did the pro group forget the unlawful detention of a citizen for more than 48 hours.

I am yet to read an apology from the DSS who have reportedly now freed Obua, nor from those who wrongly reported he was dead neither have those who did not see anything wrong with his detention done so.

Is this a country or a street fight battle ground? Shouldn’t we be asking the government to do right by us, rather than wait for it to fail so we can break even? Would we have a country by then? Your guess is as good as mine.


About the author

Written by Paul Osas, a media enthusiast, academic writer (contact him to outsource your dissertation and thesis writing) and active citizen; follow him on twitter @paulosas1

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