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Nollywood producer Sends a Warning To Nigerian Films & Video Censors Board


Nollywood Producer and Director, Yomi Fabiyi took to Instagram to issue a send out a warning to the Nigerian Films & Censors’ Board for their alleged continuous exploitation of producers in the Nollywood Industry.

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Read his message below:

For this cause and campaign, I may be tortured, blackmailed, killed and even stopped from practicing or survive. Today they may have the power, tomorrow is for my folks. The day my folks to whom I seek their total freedom with my messages stop dying recklessly from mental, medical, labour and financial slavery, I BEGAN TO LIVE AGAIN. You can put me in chains but you can no longer put my messages in chains. I AM PREPARED – Yomi Fabiyi

This is a WARNING SHOT to the Nigerian Films & Video Censor’s Board. You either stop this madness or you have your date in court soon. How can a Film Producer source for story/script, source for money to produce and pay actors & crew, pay to censor and after censorship you refuse to present him or her the approval certificate in his name or company’s name EXCEPT to the name of marketers on your list; this is criminal and totally unacceptable. And what if I choose not to release on DVD? This policy alone is sending producers to early grave as this has boxed many to a corner or servitude and we are unable to make any income from our movies let alone maximize profit, we are suffering, blood of departed souls are on you and co-travellers. NFVCB is not suppose to be part of this recklessness. Set producers free from financial and mental slavery – Yomi Fabiyi @yomifabiyi for:#SAVENIGERIAMOVIEINDUSTRYCAMPAIGN, Powered By: Save Group. Spread it and repost if you can.

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