Nigel Benn and Steve Collins agree boxing rematch 21 years after last bout


Steve Collins and Nigel Benn, once two of the most popular names in the boxing super-middleweight division, have agreed a rematch after 21 years since they last fought.

Both men are in their 50s and the fight is likely to take place in November. Benn, 53, held the WBO middleweight title and the WBC super-middleweight belt in 1996 before being defeated by Collins, 52, for the second time. Benn retired afterwards.

Benn and Collins have indicated intentions to have a rematch and fight each other, and stated that in the event of a refusal by the British Boxing Board of Control to sanction the fight, they would seek a boxing license abroad.

Benn said “It’s about the final chapter, it’s about closure. I was going backwards and forwards with Chris and I thought: ‘I wouldn’t have a problem with Steve.’ So I asked him if he wants to fight. He said yes. No mucking about.”

Benn had initially attempted to organise a rematch with old boxing for Chris Eubank, but it hadn’t worked out. Collins had ended Eubanks’s unbeaten record to win the WBO super-middleweight title in 1995.

Collins spoke about the fight saying “It’s just about money, a payday which will allow me to buy some more land, I have no problem for Nigel. I have a lot of respect. I like him.”

Collins has worked as an actor since his last professional fight while Benn has worked with younger boxers, training them. He also works as a DJ.

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