Must Read!! 7 Reasons Why Some Guys Marry Late

7 Reasons Why Some Guys Marry Late

Ladies love to marry early, but men will go for the opposite. Women wonder why they have to wait till they are older before possessing such thoughts. Ladies may marry as early as 20 but men is a rarity.

1. The commitment thingy.

The whole commitment thingy is scary. Don’t tell them they’ll have to commit their whole life to one lady when there are millions and other varieties out theregrin The thing is, it easy for a lady to make a commitment but not for a man.

2. Scared of their decision.

Men always get scared of marrying the wrong person. He still posses doubt even when he’s sure of the one he vouched.

3. An end to his bachelorhood.

Once you’re married, your free life and fun get cuts off. Guys are scared to leave that in a hurry as being a bachelor can be fun. They want to enjoy lives so that once they’re married, they won’t cheat. So they believe grin

4. Hustling or making money first.

Men want to be more than comfortable before looking towards marriages. They want to make money, have more cars, houses and wealth before going to the alter.

5. Polygamous in nature.

Men are naturally women lovers. And commiting to one for the rest of their lives is not a decision that will be hurriedly takengrin. They want to sow their royal oats before before settling to one , perhaps a virgingrin

6. Their friends.

Ladies Marry early because their friends married early or want to marry early. Men don’t want to hear of such words, money and fun maybe the thing on their mind. To them marriage na future sontingrin

7. Who to trust when they have the money.

This is another reason. After making money and acquiring wealth, they don’t know who to trust as every female that comes their way might be regarded a gold digger who only comes for his hard hustled money and not his love.

They don’t know who to trust or stick to. in their quest to find a trustable partner, they end up marrying late.

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