Music by Tobi Laud - the spark youth empowerment platforms in Nigeria

Music by Tobi Laud


Oluwatobiloba Awoniyi, also known as Tobi Laud, is a Musician.

Music by Tobi Laud - the spark youth empowerment platforms in Nigeria

When asked about how he started, the student of Industrial and Production Engineering in the University of Ibadan mentions he has been a lover of music from day 1.

“I got really interested in taking it up as a career in 2016 while I featured on a friend’s track and it blew up in school. That got me feeling “I can do this” and ever since it’s been vibe upon vibe upon vibe, the rest is history really.”

“Right now, I’m just trying to focus on my sound and figure out what exactly I’m about, which I’ve been able to achieve with the couple of songs I’ve dropped over the year. Fortunately, the songs are doing amazing with the listeners as a matter of fact. “Kanipe” dropped and its garnered positive reviews and lots of love since.”

Music by Tobi Laud - the spark youth empowerment platforms in Nigeria

“I’m an advocate for good music and due to this, I make mashups of beautiful songs when I come across them.”

“My art is very diverse as you can tell from my singles and mashups as well. I portray love and its actual issues which most people tend to overlook. And generally, I hope to change lives with my music all over the globe. I do this by making sure my songs are as relatable as possible.”

Concerning inspiration, Tobi Laud mentioned God as his utmost inspiration. “I’m a man of faith I draw my strength from the Lord mainly. It hasn’t been a rollercoaster ride but I’m from the streets and I can relate to what the ordinary man feels. The daily hustle and bustle experiences with my friends inspire the music too.”

Reach him on

Instagram and Twitter: @tobilaud

Check out his videos on his YouTube channel: tobilaud

Soundcloud: Tobi laud.



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