multi-media art

Multi-media Art by Tunde


Tunde Abisoye describes himself as an evolving  Artist on a journey of self discovery. “I have journeyed through Graphite pencils, charcoal, pastel, chalk, water-colour etc. I also featured on 53 Extra( DSTV) where I did a live portrait sketch of the Host. Last year, I tested my skills on Mural designing on walls using Acrylic & Spray paint and have been doing several experiments since. I would like to say that the most interesting thing about me is my next work.”

multi-media artist



multi-media artist

Talking about when he started drawing, he said he started from childhood. “Not to sound cliché but I started out as a kid. From what I was told, I started drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil. I won my first Art competition in Junior Secondary School and others followed. I love to draw simply because I read a lot of comic books growing up and have used Art as a medium of self-expression. Art has always been a part of me because after allowing myself to get discouraged not to study the practice, I found myself returning to my passion, which increasingly became stronger in my heart. And I am currently looking for ways to develop the craft through experimentation and self discovery.”
Tunde draws inspiration from his environment, and the people around him.           multi-media artist

Connect with him via

Social Media:  @tundeabisoye

Phone number: +2348136396189

His online portfolio:

multi-media artist                           multi-media artist

multi-media artist                       multi-media artist

multi-media artist                        multi-media artist

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