Mourinho cancels Christmas for United

Mourinho cancels Christmas for United


Jose Mourinho may have started a problem in the Manchester United dressing room as reports claim the United manager may have cancelled the Christmas holiday for his players and staff and has instead scheduled a 4.30pm training session for Christmas Day.

United normally have light training sessions in the morning on Christmas day ahead of the Boxing Day fixtures before being allowed to return home to spend the day with their families.

However, according to The Sun, United’s training ground will be closed on Christmas Day, meaning Mourinho wants to train at Old Trafford, thus forcing the stadium staff to be on duty, as well as his players.

A source told the paper: “Everyone is seriously p***** off. They’ve never heard anything like it – not even under Fergie.

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“All the staff are used to coming in and sorting training out at Carrington but having it at Old Trafford adds a whole new level of organisation and brings more staff in.

“Jose’s had a face like thunder at the training ground for most of the season and is clearly not happy with results.

“Some staff will even have to stay later on to sort out the pitch and stadium for the next day’s home game.

“He’s effectively cancelled Christmas.”

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