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Motivational Quotes by Africans to Keep You Going

Motivational Quotes by Africans to Keep You Going

We sometimes struggle to stay positive, to believe, to hope, and to stay alive. For some of us, it is easier to succumb to the pressure; to just go with the flow.

Below are a few quotes by some Africans to keep you motivated:

“Don’t be frustrated, be motivated. Don’t be depressed, be impressed. Don’t be pressured, be passionate. Don’t be pathetic, be strategic. Don’t be troublesome, be awesome.”
Sheye Hassan — Nigeria

“Winners don’t believe in justifications.”
Mohammed Sekouty — Egypt

“Never say die i.e., never be discouraged in life and never give up on your faith or hope. Just keep pressing on or forward for there is light at the end of the tunnel.”
Emeasoba George — Nigeria

“You have to be truly committed to whatever you do, remember passion, determination and action is what it takes to be successful.”                                                                                                                       Thabo Maduwa — South Africa

“When life’s challenges try to bring you down, don’t give up; stand strong like the baobab tree, which stays strong no matter how heavy the thundershower is or how strong the wind blows. Trials and challenges are part of life so don’t be intimidated by them. Be courageous, focused and persistent. God will up-lift you and make you stronger than ever before.”
Mabinty Kanu — Sierra Leone

“There is no opportunity for a sale at the success store. Find it yourself.”
Mohammed Sekouty — Egypt

“I’ve failed more times then I can mention, but still I rise and I keep on keeping on… Don’t stop working hard at your dreams & destiny. I can testify to the power of blood, tears and other people’s laughter.”                                                                                                                    Sarfaraaz Mukuddem — South Africa

“Great people can see with their mind farther than they can see with their eyes. They create vision in their mind with their imagination and insight, and then make it a reality by gathering resources, grabbing opportunities and motivating people.”
Sheye Hassan — Nigeria

“What it takes to command the attention of the world is just to do the ordinary things extraordinarily. Yes! That’s just the stuff. Anyway, do you long to command the attention of the world? If yes, then endeavor to do everything you ought to do extraordinarily.”           Emeasoba George — Nigeria


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