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graphic artistMonday Ukeme is a graphic artist and designer from Akwa Ibom State. He is the last born of a family of six children and a graduate of Computer Science from the University of Uyo. Monday grew up in Lagos and had both his primary and secondary education in Lagos.

He makes photo designs, logos, album covers, printing and many more. And he has been doing this for up to a year now.

graphic artisit and designer

Apart from studying Computer Science from the University of Uyo, he got into graphic designs because of what he describes as “the beauty it brings to life.” He went on to say “Art is one of the amazing things that brighten one’s day. That’s what led me into art … the love I have for it.”

Speaking on the choice of his brand name, he says, “My brand name is called Grace Toons. It came as an inspiration about God’s grace over me and everything I do, that’s why I decided to name my brand, Grace Toons because it represents grace … the story of my life.”


Contact him via

Instagram: grace_toons

Facebook: Grace Cartoons

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