Why Moji Olaiya’s death may have been spiritual attack


On the 18th of May, Nollywood actress Moji Olaiya was reported dead in Canada at the age of 42.

The news of the actress who was also the daughter of popular high life legend Victor Olaiya came two months after she delivered a baby daughter in that country.

As expected, the reactions from people were that of sadness, dismay and anguish as the news came as a shock seeing as the new mother didn’t show any signs of death a few days earlier.

‘When I spoke to her a few days ago, she did not give signs of death. She never complained about anything. This is really heartbreaking,’ her brother said

Olaiya’s housekeeper, Mrs Keji, who described herself as a very close friend of the deceased, also commented on her sudden death.  According to her, in the last three days before she passed away; the actress had placed several calls from her base in Canada to complain of ‘being uncomfortable’.

‘Her baby was born premature. Her EDD was for May 2017 but complications arose that necessitated that she be induced to save the baby’s life as well as hers. But since the delivery in March, her health had not been exactly perfect.’

Mrs Keji further stated that around 10pm local time (3am Nigerian time) Moji went into a crisis. ‘Her blood pressure shot up and she got unconscious. An ambulance was called to transport her to the hospital. But her case worsened and she gave up the ghost before they could make it to the hospital.’

Keji who could not hold back tears continued, ‘Moji could not say goodbye to us, she didn’t let us hold her baby, where will her mother start from? Her death came too early, I believe this was not ordinary. This looks like a spiritual attack.’

The 42-year-old’s death comes almost exactly two years to the death of her younger brother, Abidemi Olaiya who died on May 4, 2015

Meanwhile, Moji’s 20-year-old daughter, Adunola could not contain herself and had to be held back by friends who were around to console her. The Babcock University student was then taken into an inner room as her screams continued to be heard.

Moji Olaiya’s infant daughter however is said to be in the care of her friend with whom she was staying in Canada. It is unsure what will happen to the two-month-old.

Olaiya’s relationship with the father of the child, simply identified ‘Mr Femi’ is a bit sketchy as there are insinuations that he is currently married to someone else..

Her elder brother Otunba, said that the family had not informed their patriarch, renowned highlife muscian, Victor Olaiya.

‘As you know, Baba is old and it is never a good thing for children to die before their parents. We do not know how he will take it. We have to be really careful, but we are going to his Aguda residence later this evening,’ he said.

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