Mohammed Buba Marwa Highlights Top Demands From President Buhari

Buba Marwa Makes Demands On President Buhari

In his presentation at an event organised by the Muslim League for Accountability Initiative on Sunday, May 31, the retired general identified security, the power sector, discipline, the petroleum sector, and poverty alleviation as areas the new administration must achieve concrete success in the next four years.

Marwa, according to Leadership, admitted that he was less qualified to advise Buhari who had served as a GOC, minister, governor and head of state, but he nevertheless said these areas needed crucial attention from the new administration if it is to win the support of the people.

Speaking on power, he urged Buhari to adopt a new approach in tackling the complex power supply problem in the country. Citing instances of developed countries which were employing the use of coal to generate power, Marwa called on the new administration to do the same.

On security he expressed confidence in the ability of Muhammadu Buhari to tackle the insurgency in the country based on his vast experience in the military. He said the  military is able to live up to the expectation of defending the country against terrorists if given the right equipment.

On providing solutions to the ever recurring fuel scarcity in the country, he said the new administration will have to be build new refineries and also upgrade the old ones to function effectively. He suggested that fuel reserves capable of catering to the needs of the country for about 90 days should also be constructed.

The retired army general expressed confidence in President Muhammadu Buhari’s ability to instil discipline in the country.

“We all know that discipline is his second name. He has done it before, he will do it better this time. Even though this is a civilian regime, he will find another way around it to ensure that both government and the citizenry imbibe the culture of discipline.” he added.

The President Muhammadu Buhari administration which was sworn in on May 29  faces daunting challenges bedeviling the country. He has appealed to Nigerians to bear with his administration and give him time as he and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo begin to search for ways to reconstruct the country .

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