Meet Modupe – The Designer of Customised Pillows


Modupe Araromi, also known as Dupcie, is a marketing communications professional and I make customised and inspirational pillows.

She says, when asked about how she started, “Growing up, I had a short attention span for anything ‘serious’ but found out I was crafty and the ability to do things that related to crafts came easily. Bearing this in mind, I knew I was going to thrive in a creative space, hence my choice of career path.”


She admitted to having challenges like other businesses. “My major challenge will be not having some of the major equipment needed which makes me reliant on third parties and this limits my ability to totally control the production process as I would love to. Another will be lack of skilled labour to facilitate mass production.”

Modupe draws inspiration from a lot of things – people, social media, my immediate environment and the Holy Spirit.


She mentioned her first major project when she started Ruby Throws as the project that made her believe in herself. “I was commissioned to make pillow souvenirs for an organization’s Christmas gift to their clients.  The artisans I started the job with were not meeting the deadlines I gave them which in the long run affected my own deadlines. I was also juggling the project with my 9 – 5 job and I must say it was really hectic but in the end, I was able to deliver and got positive feedbacks and even referrals. That was a kick start for me.”


Now, she is looking forward to collaboration and expansion. “I will like to collaborate with other creative minds, especially, those who play in the interior design and gifting space. I will also like to scale up and expand the business.”

Speaking about youth empowerment, she opines, “I think it is high time Nigerian youths begin to look within themselves and not outside for empowerment from the government.  I believe everyone has a potential in them, we only need to harness it.  My idea of youth empowerment will be helping youths refocus to see what they have in themselves to harness and build their future. After discovering their potential, there’s also a need to embrace training opportunities that help them create a value chain from their talents.”

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