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Modest Fashion: An Insider’s Guide Into Its Evolving Style


By Fatima Togbe

Modest fashion is a trend that has existed throughout history but is making a comeback through the rise of Muslimah fashionistas and platforms. It is now known for its beautiful fusion of faith and fashion. The numerous trends that are surfacing, not only comply with the rules of Islamic dressing but also provide a style statement for the modest woman wearing them. In the midst of this global trend, it is interesting to see how the Nigerian fashion industry has taken a strong stance in this field and today we focus on a few standouts in the growing community.



What’s better than a style blogger? A modest style blogger – one who can be fashionably creative without baring her skin. A number of modest style bloggers such as Hafsah Mohammed, Hauwa Indimi, Halima Mustapha, Maryam Salam and more, have been surfacing in the Nigerian fashion industry and we completely love how they are able to

fuse their religious beliefs with their sense of style.



Hayati Magazine is the first Nigerian lifestyle magazine geared towards Muslim women. Its content provides a balanced dose of Islam, fashion, style, and living! It is exciting to see a platform champion its beliefs to its community and the world. They’ve even launched their own annual fashion week, giving aspiring modest designers, vendors, and businesses an opportunity to showcase their collections to an otherwise hard to reach niche market segment.



The Muslimah Style Guide started off as a dream to infuse style into the lives of Muslim women. Over the years, it has now transitioned into an image development agency for Muslim Women. It has spent years leading the community in the right and modest way, in accordance with their faith. With an ever growing directory and image consultations, they’ve created a love-filled space for women to connect, reflect and radiate. The Muslimah Style Guide has even gone further by launching the 1st style show for Muslim Women in Nigeria which airs weekly.



Prominent brands such as Dolce and Gabbana, H&M, Zara and even Oscar de la Renta are leaning toward Modest fashion by creating collections that pay homage to their consumer’s faith and culture. The most notable pieces of these collections are hijabs, turbans, and abayas. In Nigeria, a plethora of designers have explored this market, namely Falke by Aisha, Abaya Lagos, Elora Collection and more.


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