Meet Zainab – The Bead Maker


Zainab Adedolapo Adebisi, also known as Zee, is into bead making, basically, bracelets, waist bead, neck pieces and anklets.

She started on this career path when she couldn’t get a job after her university. “It all started after my university education. I couldn’t get a job so i decided to learn how to make beads. I however learnt how to make waist bead on YouTube.”

She admitted she has not had much challenges aside delivery and clients not willing to part with their money without seeing their product first. “So convincing them that am not fraudulent is a hard nut. But it’s been good.”

Her inspiration comes from the need to make her products unique and to stand out from the general crowd of bead making.

On the project she has done that made her believe in herself, she says, “None, just the need to be a successful entrepreneurial.”


Now, she is seeking the opportunity to see her accessories sell outside the shores of Nigeria

On youth empowerment, she believes, “an average Nigerian youth can be empowered if given basic amenities and funds to survive the harsh economic.”


Connect with her via

Instagram: @beads_by_zee

Facebook: Beadsbyzee

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