Meet Yusuff – The Email Copywriter


Yusuff Busayo is an Email Copywriter; focusing more on using sales emails to convert leads and sales for businesses.

According to him, he studied a course he didn’t quite love (he later found out) and writing seemed the only way to save himself from going absolutely broke. So yes, at first, he chose this career path (writing) for the money. Now it’s for the passion.

On challenges, he had this to say, “Earning a living as a writer may have been as tough as I imagined. I’ve had “dead broke” moments too many times than I count. But the other side is, you’ll be kicked to the dust (starving and sulking as a writer) if you don’t LOVE this craft enough to fight for it. Thus, staying through the tide has paid off.

Taken, I don’t earn enough cash as a writer to make Dangote crawl to the sewer….but my writings impact lives, and keep me above the waters. That’s perfectly fine by me.”

Busayo is an avid book reader. Plus, he’s an unrepentant God lover. Combine those two and his inspiration bank is phenomenal. He draws his inspiration from walking with God and reading tons of books.

One feat he achieved was completing a phenomenal email copywriting ebook in one week this year. That, for him, was crazy enough to make him crawl to heaven and back. Also, writing series of lengthy monthly email newsletters this year boosted his conviction that…any halfwit, with a lobotomized brain, can become anything…if you’ll just put your mind to it.

On opportunities, Busayo is looking to write breath-taking blogs and materials for young people and youths in Nigeria, that take them beyond the floor to becoming everything God ordained to be. And unscrewing the “get-a-job-to-survive” mindset from as many young Nigerians as possible.

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Busayo has a somewhat different perspective on youth empowerment…

“Don’t give him an education. Every Tom, Dick, and Halfwit can get that today (without even stepping into a classroom). Rather, make him understand who he is (why he is here and what he is capable of), and you have given him capacity to become everything he is made to be.

Believe what you want, but this isn’t a job for introspection — “looking inward”. It demands looking upward — to God who created all and knows all.

(*Facepalms* I’m preaching).”

You can connect with Yusuff Busayo via the following channels:

Email copywriting blog: www.EmailCopyAddict.com


Emails: busayo @ emailcopyaddict.com and help @ theauthorplan.com

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