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Meet Yung DrizzyF – The Nigerian Artiste


Yung DrizzyF, is a budding Nigerian artiste who is motivated by the desire to make good music.

Talking about he started on his career path, he says, “I have been influenced by a few artiste and rapped to their songs due to my love for them but I got tired of rapping to songs of other musicians and wanted to create mine, so I started writing.”

“But I did not release any of them until someone saw a piece of my lyrics and encouraged me to release it. I did and a few people liked it so I decided to release another one which turned out to be my close friend’s favourite song. I already have two songs out there this year and will release another later this month. It’s already mixed and mastered waiting to be released.”

Yung DrizzyF mentioned quite a number of musicians as his sources of inspiration. “I have liked Wizkid right from the start and he really made me love music even more but I mostly got my inspiration from Drake, Nasty C, Lil wayne, etc. The first song I ever rapped to was Drake’s “Am on one” then later Nasty C’s “Hell Naw”. Since then I have improved and become even better than I was.”

The musician hasn’t been involved in any major music projects but he has always believed in himself. “Even when I didn’t do music, I always put 100 in whatever I do. Now I am committed to making my music career work.”

Right now, he is seeking exposure and awareness as well as an opportunity to be signed to a major music label. “That way, I’ll be able to learn the insights of music promotion from them and when the time comes, stand on my own.”

He believes the youths should be given the right medium to work with in order to achieve their goals. “Just like in music, they are a lot of artistes out there who need promotion to make things work for them.”

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