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Meet Yewande – The Chief Caterer


Yewande Oyibo, also known as Wendelicious, run two Business Platforms.”At Famous 5 Caterers, we tantalise your Taste Buds with Delicious and Healthy Meals, Small chops and Grills and at Wendelicious Treats, we make amazing cakes (Instant & Pre-ordered), Desserts and Pastries.”

“I started my Business while I was in the University … I just have this passion for buying and selling, I also like Owanbe parties. My Late Mum was a professional Caterer and I looked forward to her Catering jobs, I loved the paparazzi behind the Jobs.”

“So when my mom passed on, my siblings and I decided to continue her business so we gave it another name; ‘Famous 5 Caterers,’ which was coined from the term, Famous5, the nickname my mum gave me and my siblings (we are 5 in number).”

“Earlier in 2018, Wendelicious Treats was also borne out of the need to separate the Confectionery arm of the business from the catering Arm. So at the moment, I am the Chief Responsibility Officer of Famous 5 Caterers & Wendelicious Treats.”

Speaking about her challenges, she says, “I started my business in 2007 with no capital. All I did was to collect money from customers and cook for them.”

“I went for skill trainings along the line but the main challenge I had was learning the business Of Catering. Aside from being a fantastic Cook and an amazing Baker, I did not fully understand the business until I enrolled for Business and Leadership trainings and it has really made an impact on my brands.”

Yewande is inspired by the beautiful people God has brought her way in the course of her business. “My mentor in business is Mrs Ikeolu Biobaku C.R.O of Mixnbake Confectionery. I’m also inspired by Mrs Dayo Omoseyin of Bankress Party World. Again, I’m a product of several trainings and workshops from several business giants .I can’t mention all their names here.”

Her social projects have served as a confidence booster for her. “I have been involved in a lot of trainings, corporate social responsibility (CSR), volunteering. I volunteer for an organisation since 2007 till date. We gather women twice monthly and teach them confectionery skills for free. It has given me several platforms to teach and impact other women and young people too.”

And now, “I look forward to impacting more people, help young people realise their potentials and become the best they can be, grow my business and have outlets in major cities in Nigeria.”

“Youth Empowerment is key to the sustainability of our nation’s economy,” Yewande believes. “The youth of our great nation Nigeria are the Future of our tomorrow. We need to be empowered to fulfil our purpose and visions.”

“One word I have for the youths of Nigeria is that `Be Self Motivated’. Enough of our `Entitlement Mentality’.  No one will hand over everything to us on a Platter of gold. We need to start from where we are. There are several Free Training platforms from the government, corporate organisations, Individuals etc. Let’s avail ourselves of these opportunities. We also have grants from Bank of Industry, Foreign grants etc. Be Intentional about yourself, your purpose and your destiny. Build capacity for greatness.”

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