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Meet Yanju – The Creative Director


Adeyanju Lawal, also known as Yantie is the Creative Director of 2FKFashions Nigeria. “I design hand-made African print accessories in addition to my 9-5 where I work as a User Experience specialist in one of the leading financial services institutions in Nigeria. I am also the Quality Assurance Manager of J & Y Delicuous Catering services.”

Yanju has always been a lover of unique accessories. “I started making accessories for myself and it got a lot of compliments and “wow” effects. So I decided to commercialize it in 2010. Although I took breaks in between but the business is up and running as 2FKFASHION and I’m loving the pace with the help of social media.”

She readily admitted to have faced challenges in the course of her business. “Well, apart from the basic challenge of every young entrepreneur – “capital”, managing work 9-5, business, family (I’m a married mum of 2 children), spiritual life and maintaining a balance across all. Thankfully, I have an amazing support system that works so I am doing just fine.”

“Quite a number of people inspire me,” the Creative Director says. “However, my mum is 1 major source of inspiration for me. Her determination, zeal & passion to achieve whatever she sets her heart to is just amazing.”


According to her, all the projects she has worked on have in one way or another made her believe in myself. “One that stands out is the designing of a type of Ankara brooch in a way that I had never done before and it required some materials that were farfetched. I made up my mind to accept the order and deliver right on time without knowing how I would go about it. I did it despite all the hurdles I had to overcome and delivered even earlier than expected!”


On the opportunity she is looking forward to, she says, “My passion is for an average Nigerian to have at least 1 African print accessory, this will not only promote the African fashion, but also help us to take pride in indigenous handmade accessories. I am open to partnerships that will promote locally made accessories nationally & globally.”

“Youth empowerment begins with every one of us (youths),” she opines. “Our ability to believe in ourselves and take a bold step to “get involved” and stop complaining is very important. We should be ready to leverage on available limited resources, maximize it and utilize it to impact our lives and society. Empowerment is a thing of the mind and we cannot afford to be laid back.”

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